Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New House!!!!

Hallelujah! We found a new house to rent!
We move at the end of January and are very excited for a new place. We've lived in a tiny (but nice) Mother-In-Law apartment within a house for 3 years. We'll still be in Redmond, but in a darling 1922 house right in downtown Redmond near all the restaurants, shops, yoga, and most importantly, Value Village (it's like The Goodwill). It's the only house from it's era left in the vicinity and we just adore it. It's on .27 acres and we have plans of clearing some of the bramble to make room for ducks. Adam and I had ducks in Utah and fell in love with their happy attitudes. (Read about our first and favorite duck, Martin, here. Other duck adventures - including duck diapers - here, here, and here).
Here's a quick virtual tour:
The porch:
The front room:
The GAME ROOM with wood burning fireplace!
we'll have books, games, D&D stuff, couches, blankets...all you need for a Seattle winter:
The large kitchen with big cupboards. That door leads to an enclosed mud room/storage area:
Looking in from the mud room:
Washer and dryer in the kitchen...a little weird, but it's an old house.
Downstairs bathroom (missing a tub):
This is the downstairs room. I think it will be the sewing and clothes room with our dressers, a big cutting table, and desk for sewing machine.
It's the only room with any kind of closet to speak of:
Then, going upstairs via the stairs in the game room, here is Elliott's new room:
the view from his room to ours:
our room:
and this is one of the best parts about this house - the reading room (between the two bedrooms upstairs). I'm definitely going to make bookshelves on each side of the window:
The upstairs bathroom (unfortunately, the sink has hot and cold are separate):
Cute bathroom window (minus the blinds):
This medicine cabinet:
will soon be changed to this!
Under the stairs, there is a little cubby that would be cute with a tiny desk, chair and lamp for Elliott:
Now we just have to move our things and get to work!


Tod Robbins said...

Congrats guys! Did you change wards? That seems like it might be in our ward boundaries. :-)

candicerose said...

AWESOME!!!! Your very own house. I love it.

Jo said...

So cute! Looks like it's in great condition.

Rachel. said...

The house looks perfect.

Charla said...

amazing! what a perfect place! and it will be so fun to have ducks again... we're not allowed here in Provo. :(

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Tess, this house is better than I even imagined from what you said about it! I can't wait for much room!

Saundra Wordlaw said...

Wow! This house will be a century old in a few years. You must be proud knowing that you're owning the only house left from its age. How exciting, yet challenging, for your family to move in here. It's bigger and it has enough rooms that you need. However, I suggest that you trim those tall plants into the railing level, so it won't block your nice porch or the nice view of the road from your perspective. Also, since you’re reading room is spacious, you could turn it into a real house library and have a nice couch where you could sit or lie down. I hope that you are having a great stay in your new home.

Saundra Wordlaw