Thursday, January 31, 2008

life update

Here is a life update for those of you (family members) who read my blog to find out what i'm really doing with my life.

*I really am turning in letters, resumes, and applications left and right!
On the left for a summer field research opportunity on the Minnesota plaines working with Echinacea populations, pollination, and ecology. And on the right, for my dream job at Fungi Perfecti growing mushrooms! You might say I really am taking charge of my future.

*I really am eating my veg.
*I really am going to graduate this June.
*I really am checking out VW vans. Home sweet home!
*I really am cleaning out the clutter and trash in my life/home.

I hope I stay on track...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

amanita design

A friend showed me this great site by amanita design. First, great name. Second, great animations. Here is my favorite video, "plantage"

(they also have funny interactive games, so give those a look at


I have been in bed most of the day reading a beautiful, true book. My sister gave it to her closest female friends and relatives for Christmas. And I know why; Terry Tempest Williams' book "refuge" is about women. The Great Salt Lake, our Earth, the environment, wildlife, birds, government, $$, authority, Mormonism, spirituality, family, Utah, nuclear testing, lies, cancer, and death are all told through the experience of a woman and thus of all women. I recognized her life and felt love, grief, isolation, and rage along with her. My connection to everyone, to everything, and to myself has benefitted from this life affirming, true story. I highly recommend this book.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Happy New Year! It is 2008. I graduate this year, and it is a presidential election year. I have been sewing the last few days to get some sellable wares stocked up before my new school semester starts. My cousin gave me some old fabric/curtains/quilts to take apart. Some of them are pretty crazy, i think you will agree. Take, for instance, this psychadelic hawaiian quilt with a panda bear (?) at the center. Very intense. Unfortunately i didn't remember to take a picture of it before i had started to cut it up. However, I did have forethought enough to make sure to cut out the bag I am keeping for myself in such a way as to keep the naked ladies patch in a good spot.