Thursday, August 14, 2014

NW Summer Life



 Our home!
 So beautiful!
 Popsicles at the lake

 summer fruits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

I have lived in the moment and enjoyed the entire, unbelievably beautiful summer..but I just started worrying about it coming to a close. Did I enjoy it enough? The pictures show I did. Sadly, I was a little excited today when I though of chili, stew, hot tea, jackets, and Halloween :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dear Arlin (6 1/2 months)

Dear Arlin,
I am holding you on my lap, you are asleep and have been since 10:30 am; now it's 2:50 pm. Your two front teeth are coming in. I have seen large bulges on your gum line and now even your upperlip looks different. I thought your bottom teeth would be first because I could see little white spots below your gums for several months now. You have awoken twice, but fell back asleep when I fed you. I am happy to let you sleep, you need it and I am enjoying this break (even if you are still on my lap and I can't get anything done). Dad and Elliott are at church, I am in my church clothes and shoes waiting for you to wake up, but probably won't make it today.
  Lately, you have been very clingy and cry for me if I leave the room. We have traveled a lot in the last month and I am sure you have noticed your world feeling less secure. Yesterday, you started babbling (bababababa) and pulled yourself up to standing several times using the luggage I was unpacking. You officially crawl now on hands and knees and are extremely dexterous and strong. At Grandma Ka's house, you leaned out of my arms to grab hold of the inside of the refrigerator door as I opened it, and, standing on one shelf and hanging on to another, you balanced there alone with a huge grin. I laughed so hard admiring your feat and had to pry your monkey fingers from the shelf to hold you again.
  You love your brother, Elliott, but sadly, the reason you are sleeping so long is because he is gone; you don't get much chance to nap in peace.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

24 hour home update

Adam and I had a 24 hour marathon to tidy up our garage in hopes of achieving "Additional Living Quarters" status (very important for legal reasons).
First, Adam removed exhaust pipes from our rocket mass heater (coincidentally, the power was out). 
We wanted to make the place look more "normal" and since we want to modify the exhaust flow anyway and don't need the heat for another few months, it seemed worth it. Stay tuned for the all night re-installation of those pipes as the weather cools...
Our builder friend Jake graciously accommodated our short notice and came to weld the remaining counter top frame. He also did the sink frame back in December. I bought him: 
1" x 1/4"  square bar for floor supports
1" square tube 1/8" thick for vertical supports
1 1/2" angle iron for counter top supports
He welded everything onsite, which was educational for the whole family. After he left and the kids were all asleep, we bolted it to the floor using a drill hammer and wedge anchors.

 It was thrilling to see the beginnings of my kitchen finally take the shape I have envisioned for months. It really will look wonderful when all finished.
 (decided to not remove the RM barrel)
For the "long term temporary" counter top, Adam cut nice quality 3/4" plywood. My jaw dropped when the sink hole was cut looked so beautiful :)

midnight visitor:
I helped Adam with the construction but also rearranged furniture and cleaned out old refrigerator to move food into the new garage fridge and freezer. We wanted to make the space look like our hobby/game/office space.

 Then, we used an interesting plywood called Iron Ply to cover the faces, anchored with self-tipping screws and washers. It gave an overall IKEA / plywood / wood veneer look that was more pleasant than expected. In the end, I want a light white and grey marble or other swirled stone counter top with either stained wood or sheet metal facing. Our little firehouse is going for the white and black vintage industrial look.

 A little D&D in the early morning light.
 ....And, 10 am we are done.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Luther Burbank Park (twice)

My cousin invited us to Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island. It was a convenient midway point between her place in West Seattle and mine in Woodinvilleplace, and we hadn't been to this park yet. There was a grass mound maze, several lakefront beaches for swimming, newly installed playground with a zipline, large grass fields, walking trails, dog parks, etc.

We went back again in the evening with take out dinner.