Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Elliott update

Elliott is growing up before my eyes...I know every parent says that, but I'll join the chorus because it's true.
Elliott.....rolls all over the room looking for things to play with, squeals, plays with his voice and practices sounds, reaches for me when he wants to be held, and has started to copy things I do - mainly when I make buzzing/bubble noises with my mouth. When I do something he really likes, he smiles and gets excited and then I can almost see his little brain trying to get his mouth to follow suit, and lately he as been successful in copying.
Naked as a jaybird:
Getting tickled by Adam:
Hop on Pop:
Side show entertainment at a coffee shop while house hunting (we needed a tea break):
Blowing bubbles:
Nearly mobile:
tricks with dad:
Dad's home!

Cracking himself up:
Video of the new squeal:

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amy said...

I love that child. Love him!! He is SO cute! And you are one fun mama. Most days we still just lay around reading books and playing with toys. You are an inspiration :)