Friday, January 20, 2012

Knit Overalls

Elliott's new duds.
I finished these knit overalls today (bind off straps, sew on buttons) but I did the actual knitting a year and a half ago on the plane to St. John Virgin island. Good memories :)
I followed this free pattern using old/'vintage' worsted weight wool and size 7 needles; buttons from my stash.
I need to improve my short row shaping, you can see little puckers (above).

This pattern fits babies very well; here is the crotch gusset to accommodate their diapered derrieres.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More snow

We got more snow in the night!
I drove by our new house to see how it looks in the snow...pretty cute.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today was a real snow day! We got about 4 or 5 inches of snow in the night and the entire town shut down (not many snow plows in the area and the city is limited on the amount of salt they can apply to the roads because of the fresh water lakes).
So, we walked around in the snow:

And then drove our "new" 4 Runner up the hill to Adam's work to eat pizza :)
Elliott's snow angel:
Elliott's wearing the ridiculous, green snow suit I made him at the beginning of December. He looks like an old video game monster, or something. This is actually V2 of the snowsuit design...and there are some obvious improvements still to be made (torso too short). V3 coming soon. I still consider V2 a success because E's body was toasty warm after 6 hours of back country snow shoeing - we were trying to keep up with Adam!
The one thing I didn't consider in the snow suit design is Elliott's cheeks...they got frostbite! Next time I'll wrap a scarf around his face or coat his cheeks in Vaseline, or both? We stayed at Mt Baker Lodge with friends for a weekend of snowboarding, snow shoeing, and other winter revelry. The lodge is so cool; they have bunk beds and a big communal kitchen where everyone helps prep and clean up food (we also stayed there last year and here are those photos). I started a post about our weekend there this year, but didn't have photos to share because I couldn't charge my camera. Fortunately, my dad gave me a new camera for Christmas (and an extra battery) so that wouldn't happen again.
It also snowed two days ago on Sunday and here are some photos:
So pretty! I love snow.
the beginning of the storm...
the middle of the storm (we still haven't seen the end):
A real Christmas wreath!
Video of Elliott spitting out the snow:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Elliott update

Elliott is growing up before my eyes...I know every parent says that, but I'll join the chorus because it's true.
Elliott.....rolls all over the room looking for things to play with, squeals, plays with his voice and practices sounds, reaches for me when he wants to be held, and has started to copy things I do - mainly when I make buzzing/bubble noises with my mouth. When I do something he really likes, he smiles and gets excited and then I can almost see his little brain trying to get his mouth to follow suit, and lately he as been successful in copying.
Naked as a jaybird:
Getting tickled by Adam:
Hop on Pop:
Side show entertainment at a coffee shop while house hunting (we needed a tea break):
Blowing bubbles:
Nearly mobile:
tricks with dad:
Dad's home!

Cracking himself up:
Video of the new squeal:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New House!!!!

Hallelujah! We found a new house to rent!
We move at the end of January and are very excited for a new place. We've lived in a tiny (but nice) Mother-In-Law apartment within a house for 3 years. We'll still be in Redmond, but in a darling 1922 house right in downtown Redmond near all the restaurants, shops, yoga, and most importantly, Value Village (it's like The Goodwill). It's the only house from it's era left in the vicinity and we just adore it. It's on .27 acres and we have plans of clearing some of the bramble to make room for ducks. Adam and I had ducks in Utah and fell in love with their happy attitudes. (Read about our first and favorite duck, Martin, here. Other duck adventures - including duck diapers - here, here, and here).
Here's a quick virtual tour:
The porch:
The front room:
The GAME ROOM with wood burning fireplace!
we'll have books, games, D&D stuff, couches, blankets...all you need for a Seattle winter:
The large kitchen with big cupboards. That door leads to an enclosed mud room/storage area:
Looking in from the mud room:
Washer and dryer in the kitchen...a little weird, but it's an old house.
Downstairs bathroom (missing a tub):
This is the downstairs room. I think it will be the sewing and clothes room with our dressers, a big cutting table, and desk for sewing machine.
It's the only room with any kind of closet to speak of:
Then, going upstairs via the stairs in the game room, here is Elliott's new room:
the view from his room to ours:
our room:
and this is one of the best parts about this house - the reading room (between the two bedrooms upstairs). I'm definitely going to make bookshelves on each side of the window:
The upstairs bathroom (unfortunately, the sink has hot and cold are separate):
Cute bathroom window (minus the blinds):
This medicine cabinet:
will soon be changed to this!
Under the stairs, there is a little cubby that would be cute with a tiny desk, chair and lamp for Elliott:
Now we just have to move our things and get to work!