Thursday, April 17, 2008

2 sisters + 5 birds = bird hat

My sister briana is back! She is moving to Salt Lake City to open her practice Fern Midwifery. But first she is staying at my house for a week, or so. The trick is: now we've got 5 birds in my tiny attick appartment. This is her beautiful lovebird, Ave (Avocado).

When I said 5 birds, they are: Lemon-lime, Ave, Martin, and two new ducklings!!!

Martin was pretty lonely in his box all day, so I bought him two new sibs from the IFA. They are three weeks younger than Martin, but hopefully their differences will even out with time.
Here is Briana with Platypus and Babs.

All these squeakers eat a lot of greens and poop a lot of poop. The Goose's Mother recommends duck diapers (so funny!) to solve this carpet-destroying problem. Briana, Adam, and I tried it out with varying degrees of success...

But we just can't take Martin seriously anymore!

Here we are thinking about ducks. Omlet has gotten us so into ducks we don't know what to do.

Bird's aren't too bad...welcome to the bird house!

Martin is getting so big. He grows one part of his body each night. His downy feathers are thickening and his real feathers are almost here. Last night he grew one inch to each wing!
Martin loves to see the world! And he travels by technicolor bag.

Here is Martin riding bikes with Adam, Kimball, Sailor Elaine, and Zina.

Martin goes to school!

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