Tuesday, February 26, 2008

show information

Hello! Annalisa and I have been sewing away. I have more updates and photos to post...but no time right now.

However, I do want to put up the link to the leonardo gallery blog, which has all the information for the show.

It is at 6 pm Friday February 29 (Leap Day) at the South Town Mall in Sandy.

See you there!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

wow, last night Annalisa and I went to meet our models.
They are beautiful - and young (I forgot i was 15, too when I wanted to be a model!)

Here is Aiko:

Alejandra (she is definitely wearing the doily skirt and a cute felted hat)



Marikh will wear something green and flowing, don't you think?

Here is something:

And then we at Lebanese food at Mazza's :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

three or four

Annalisa and I have narrowed our big ideas down to three or four.
doily skirt and some kind of top.
denim bones dress.
recycled knitwear with nesting pocket.
and linen skirts with batiked branches (see earlier post for picture)

this is the nesting pocket thing. It is made by layering necklines from t-shirts.
More later!


this is what we have so far:

this is what i want everything to look like:

I'm also thinking about:
hand felting wool onto silk for a shirt.
finishing my pieced antique doily skirt idea.
making a skirt covered in pintucks.
using the necklines from t-shirts to make a nest-pocket.
Annalisa had the good idea to use seams from old jeans. I think it would be cool as a sculpted "bustier." Every show needs a bustier, right? wrong! but I don't know what else i want to be sculpted...

recycled design

Hello, my friend Annalisa and I have entered as a team in a recycled clothing design competition! Yes, can you believe? It is true true. There is a fashion show next friday, on Leap Day, to show everyone's creations. We started last night at 11pm, and have a lot of good ideas already. I'm going to update this blog daily with our progress, check back.

Here you can see us drafting, cracking walnuts, and drinking homemade kefir!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

my dream world

I'm serious about the websites i posted a few posts ago. They are so cool.

There is a great video here at http://samorost2.net/plantage/ and two smart games called samorost1 and samorost2. They are smart because they creatively use plants, animals, and fungi :) in the design. I love it!

I play them all the time. And I haven't even beat samorost2. yet.