Friday, December 21, 2007

everyone knows it

I like mushrooms and everyone knows it. I just received a christmas gift that reminded me of this.
Two different, very nice, cool, sweet men in my life have given me smurf houses for christmas (bless their hearts). It's sort of funny and weird to get multiple smurf houses - but I do really love mushrooms, which i realize is rare.
I am happy to be everybody's "friend that likes mushrooms." Thank you friends, you are so thoughtful and sweet! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I wish i had made this beautiful painting, it is by Brian Kershisnik.

Instead i have been making veg stew, christmas decorations :) and celebrating 87% on CALCULUS final. yes, wahoo, yay, yay!

doing IT...

I wish I could post that I have been up to the ultimate "making and doing," which would be doing IT and making a baby...but that is not the case.
The case is that it is finals week. A good excuse to make nothing and do nothing!

Actually, I have been up to making a doing a lot, just not school things. Things like making gingerbread 3X, cardamom bread 2X, handknit mittens, christmas presents; and doing things like watching Michael Jackson's DVD of music Videos and taking saunas at my friend's house.

In addition, here is a really funny thing from the internet:

Sunday, December 2, 2007

making and doing a blog

Hello, this is my first blog. On October 29th I realized I wanted a blog. This morning in the bath I decided this: now that November 29th is over but it is not yet December 29th, it is time to make a blog.
And here we are. A blog about making and doing, my two favorite things. I figured it was a broad enough topic I would have something good to post about every day if not multiple times a day.
I like to do things and I love to make things. I also like to grow things.
things i like to do:
forage for food in my town
read about plants
things i like to make:
handbound books
knit mittens
sewn headbands
sewn bags
things i like to grow: