Tuesday, September 23, 2008

new game!

My favorite animation company, Amanita Design, has made a new game for kids called Questionaut.

I just played it for two hours!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Stamp carvin' (or "printmaking") is my new interest.

It's really fast to turn drawings and tracings into reusable stamps for ink and paint. Linoleum blocks come in different sizes and the carving tool can be bought at art stores.

Adam made a bike stamp.

Briana made a logo stamp for her friend's midwifery business.

This Marimekko print gave me the jar idea.

I'm going to make more.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Party at the Cabin!

My older sister Briana came to visit me in Seattle for 5 days...and the next day my dad and younger sister Candice came.

Party at the cabin!

To start the two week fest I drove to eastern Washington to get Bri and we stopped at the Ginkgo biloba petrified forest. Amazing to think that Northern America was forested with Ginkgo trees which now only grow natively in China.

Lunch buffet at Flowers!

We went on the Underground Seattle tour and heard crazy stories of the white people who settled the area and some history of the downtown. It used to be called "Duwamps" and was built mostly of wood. After a big fire it was renamed Seattle and was built in stone.

The water pipes were wood and parts of Seattle still used wood pipes in the 1980's!

Brigham Young's brother?

Then my Dad and Candice came and we ate these pastries:

bad idea at 7:30 AM.
Candice is starting as a Freshman at UW, so she is here to stay.

We drove north to Anacortes and happened to be there for Fidalgo Bay Day. Very educational and there were free oysters and clams.

Also, we found the elusive huckleberry! (see previous post)

Ahh, the Pacific Northwest...

Here we are over Deception Pass.