Monday, May 12, 2008


The ducks are growing so fast. Martin, Platypus, and Babs love their outdoor pen. My dad helped me make it when he was in town for my graduation.

I like to sit outside and let them out of their pen to run around the yard.

Can you see how old Martin is getting?!

They love taking warm baths inside. Smart ducks!

These ducks are always happy and friendly.

Urban ducks are the wave of the future.


Gritty Pretty said...

they are so so cute! ducks taking baths inside...that makes me smile.

p.s. i wrote about you on my blog. and you need to come fill up on the delicious mushrooms that are coming out our ears. thank you so much for your time and expertise in identifying them.

Allison said...

whoa whoa! graduation? congrats!!! why not a post on where to next!!! i can't believe it!