Friday, March 2, 2012

One Year

This week is the one year mark since I last saw my sister, Briana.
It's hard to believe it has been a year - it seems both too short and too long. On the one hand, I have so many vivid memories of her I feel like I saw her yesterday; and on the other hand, it feels much longer because she has been out of my circle of contact for nearly a year and so many big events (her death, Elliott, etc.) have changed me.

I saw her today (March 2nd) last year for the last time. We were both in California at my parents' house visiting. There was no 'real' reason for my trip beside wanting to visit everyone before I had a baby...and the flight was inexpensive. I love Jet Blue sales!

Briana was in town to attend the birth of her close friend's first baby. I saw her last as she was leaving for the hospital. I had just made African food and she packed some up to take with her. She was wearing the high waisted skirt I made (I lent it to her while I was pregnant). I remember thinking she was a little over dressed, but she always looked great.
We had a nice visit together, here is my post last year about the trip.


amy said...

I remember reading about your trip last year, and I remember that skirt!

Thanks for the opportunity to remember Bri. Im always grateful for little thoughts and reminders. Love you and her!

ani said...

Thank you for sharing the memories, Tess. I also remember the skirt :) I remember seeing pictures of Bri at that birth, and hearing her talk about how she enjoyed that trip to California. She loved being with you all so much. We will have so much to talk about when we see her again!