Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dad in town

We should move more often!
After my mom's 10 day visit, my dad came into town for 4 days. He wanted to see little Elliott so badly and help with move in projects. It was a whirlwind visit of productivity. We don't have many photos beside our completed projects!
The mailbox:
The built-in bookshelves:
Here is Elliott helping sand and paint:
My dad made this cool old door knob coat and bag station in the kitchen:
I love it!
We really accomplished a lot and have some fun memories such as: Ivar's fish and chips at the airport, Kanishka Indian food buffet, home made chicken curry, staying up late doing projects, renting the miter saw from Home Depot, going to home depot about 4 times each day, adding additional electrical outlets in our bedroom, hanging our new TV on the wall,

Adam on the "scaffolding" with his broken ankle
...many many projects in just 3 1/3 days!
Thanks for coming to our house, Dad!
Beads of sweat on E's nose:

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