Sunday, January 9, 2011

High-waisted Skirt

I found myself with a Saturday at home and ended up making a skirt.
I'm really happy with how it turned out, though I didn't know from the beginning how it would end.
I started with an XS wool dress my sister gave me. At one point, I squeezed into it and decided it could only be worn if made into a skirt - a high waisted skirt.
I cut off the skirt portion and marked where my waist would be for it to fit correctly across my hips.
I cut off the extra portion to use as some kind of waistband and realized it would look great if the skirt came up to my waist and the waistband extended up even higher. It would need to flare out to accommodate my ribs, and I realized the part I cut off for a waistband would be perfect if it was flipped upside down.
Like so (above)
I added two small darts to the front and four large darts to the back to get a nice fit.
I haven't officially hemmed the skirt because the dress was finished with only a serged edge...and if I hem this now - it will be too short :(
It looks basically fine as it is.
I did line the skirt and waistband with lining from the dress.


candicerose said...

so perfect!!! and the tights from urban??! you look cute

Little Lisa said...

Tess, you look super cute. I start sewing classes this Thursday. I hope someday I'll be able to make skirts out of dresses too!

amy said...

Oh, Tess, you never fail to amaze me.

Enjoy that skirt while you still can ;)

Congratulations! xoxo

tappens said...

um... I really really love this skirt. We need to schedule a sewing class so I can get some skills. Seriously. And now we're VT companions so we have to get together!