Friday, March 4, 2011

California Visit

I just got back from a quick visit to my family in Southern California. It was wonderful; the weather was nice and sunny, we went walking everyday, and we did some garden and attic organizing projects.
Here are some photos:
sunny weather
going for walks by the beach
Tess and Briana
my mom

A wonderful, all produce grocery store called Growers Direct!
Me and my Dad filling up the IKEA bag with fruits and veggies :)

My mom, Briana, and I went exploring in the old town area of Orange. We oohed and ahhed over items in antique stores and ate Belgian waffle sandwiches at Bruxie's (but ate them before we could take a photo).
If I lived nearer, I would have wanted to buy this dresser chest. It was beautiful and in excellent condition, and way less expensive than I've seen in other stores. It would have been perfect for clothes, diapers, and blankies in a baby room :)
pretty idea for folk painting
pretty idea for old-timey lettering
An old dye cabinet!
with packets of dye still inside!
And a list of recipes to obtain various colors:

My purchases: set of 8 black and white quilt squares, two bobbins of handspun wool (I've started a collection), cute apron.
At the outdoor Bruxie's Belgian Waffle joint:

Then we made some fruit crepes at home (bad photo, but delicious!)

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of Thom! He came down with the flu the day I arrived; so sad. He has grown up to be very tall and handsome and will be the best uncle!
I miss everyone alredy! It was wonderful to be with family for no specific reason - no holiday or family event, just regular everyday life.

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candicerose said...

I love these photos!! Gettin me excited to visit soon. Everyone looks so cute on the walks :)