Sunday, May 11, 2008

Live Green

I really really like Salt Lake City. I am going to miss it. I like the good community of bikers, gardeners, crafters, farmer's marketers, and out-doorists.

On Saturday, Briana and I spent the day at the SLC Live Green festival. I loved it and saw a lot of inspiring things. Plus it was beautiful weather.

well, first things first: I need this. I need to drive it with a little baby in the side car. I could also settle (temporarily) for driving it with ducks in the side car!

Second: these teens! We saw these two cute teens getting signatures for a petition to make urban chickens legal in Salt Lake County. I hope my teens are this awesome! (if you can't tell, they are the two with capris, hats, and crazy hair)

I really like these prayer flag knock-offs. I think they would be nice to commemorate a big event like a birth or wedding, etc. Each guest/friend writes a wish for the celebration and then they hang outside until the threads get blown to heaven by the wind.

Then we ate some delicious food. Thanks One World :)

and then:

on the way home we saw this cute couple. She is driving the scooter and he has a bag around his neck!

And then!

we went to the Beehive Bazaar, a provo crafters fair. It was in a beautiful building and there were a lot of beautiful crafts. I bought the felt flower, bird cards from Ashley Mae, and owl card from Sherisa (see below). Great job crafters.

a nice day :)


Bri said...

it WAS a great day, i agree

nathaniel said...

whoa, nice shirt.

homegrown said...

yeah, I totally co-opted it! I like it a lot! But it's still Bri's, of course. Good to see you when you were in town, Nathaniel.

Tres Jolie Julie said...

Oh, I can't believe it was a whole year since the last Live Green fest. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago. It was the last time I saw SYP and among the last times I was in downtown SL. Sigh.