Saturday, March 8, 2008

doily skirt

About two years ago I began collecting antique doilies to piece together into a beautiful skirt. It was such a time consuming process to get the right doily of the right size, shape, and weight in the right spot, and to get it all into a three dimensional form, delicate but sturdy enough to wear...that two years later, it was barely half complete. Annalisa and I decided this doily skirt was the perfect combination of recycled multiples plus good design to finally finish it and include it in the show.
Also, this skirt is nearly $250 in doilies (oops!)

Zina Bennion helped pin and sew lots of doilies together (thank you Zina!!)

We planned to have a pale blue dress under this skirt, but ran out of time. After looking at this picture, I decided it looked alright over grey pants. Good enough.

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Squiggly Rainbow said...

I love this doily skirt! I just googled doily skirts as I am putting my own together! Your blog is great - I have just begun my own blog here in Australia this year and am loving it! Thankyou xoxox Hope you can pop past and visit!