Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tree skirt

Here is the idea:

Here are the materials:
salvaged linen scraps from former skirts, garage sales, thrift stores, and my grandma's collection.

I made a six-panel skirt using the different colors, weights, and textures of the linen.

I carefully drew branches on the skirt using pencil. This was the most time-consuming step of the entire process. After, i used Annalisa's batik wax (she is an amazing batik artist and also taught batik in Africa for several years!) to fill in all spaces i did not want to be dyed.

This also took some time, but it created a beautiful, translucent image.

After the dye bath, the branches were more red than expected, so the skirt was dyed again with a blue-brown dye. This turned out great and made the entire design more complex. The stiff, waxed sections of the skirt cracked when crumpled into the dye bucket, which made more intricate branching than i could have drawn.

Here is Rachael at a fitting. I love how the skirt turned out.

"The tree skirt"


stop looking at all those stars said...

oh wow! i love that skirt tess!

Gritty Pretty said...

sooo gorgeous i can't stand it! you rock! and congrats on you and annalisa winning for best designer's line!

Tres Jolie Julie said...

lovelovelove this. trees could inspire to many clothing iterations. you should be featured on this blog like the following clever shirt:

arlee said...

OMG this is incredible!!!!