Sunday, March 9, 2008

denim seams

When recycling jeans into something new, usually just the main part of the pant leg is used. This leaves behind the gnarled, fat, needle-breaking and otherwise unsewable seams. Annalisa had the great idea of trying to make something entirely out of these seams.

We requested on freecycle for any ripped or worn out jeans and got a pretty good response.
Here is Annalisa cutting the seams out and saving the rest for later projects.

They look appealing with the yellow stitching and faded parts, huh?

Annalisa used these denim seams to follow the curves of a siver princess-seam dress. Very pretty. Unfortunately i don't have a picture of it right now.

I used the short pieces to create a wide belt. I like how the colors and textures made a new fabric.

We are going to develope this further...more to come :)

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