Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lost Lake Dayhike

(Continuing from Packwood Lake Family Backpack trip...)
In the morning, we packed lunch/supplies and began our day hike to Lost Lake. Why didn't we stay around the lake and relax? Not our style. Instead, we walked, pushed, pulled carried our boys up 4 miles of steep trail to eat a sandwich at Lost Lake for 10 minutes before heading back to camp. That's one way to look at it, but there are always more than one side to every story. The day was challenging but rewarding; the trail and terrain was gorgeous; and Elliott enjoying himself, despite the hard work. 
After the steep, 2 mile section, the trail mellowed and we had beautiful views of Old Snowy and walked through a pleasant meadow. Elliott learned a lot and rose to the occasion, like usual. I know we are his parents, but Adam and I both think he is a remarkable boy.

Photo tour of our day:
Morning view of Packwood Lake:
exploring around camp: Elliott can identify skunk cabbage :)
So sad to see all this trash :(
granola breakfast:
milk breakfast:
learning to filter water:
starting for Lost Lake:
My new favorite "furry" lichen: (sad my ID books are in boxes)
Elliott begged Adam to shorten one of his hiking poles for him to use. He insists he is not little, but loves it when things are "his size."
We had to take it away a few times because he kept stopping to poke around. Sometimes he would write letters - which should be encouraged - except when sunlight is ticking away on a mountain:

At first I was confused by these mushroomms, but I think they are young chanterelles or Gomphus...?

My first Sparassis!!! What a beauty, and edible, too :)
Lunch break #1, trail life had become emotional because his pants were wet (with Adam's sweat) after being carried up a steep section:
But Arlin hadn't noticed anything had gone awry:
After the 2 steep miles, the trail leveled out and circled the mountain. The ecosystem changed and it was a dry, sunny open forest/meadow combo. I liked it:

There was a lot of bear grass, on which Elliott cut his thumb while pulling our a blade.
I wanted to pop these sap bubbles and smell the lovely pine scent:
Adam in the meadow with Old Snowy in distance. The Knife's Edge ridge traverse (which Adam did with the Scouts a few weeks ago) goes to the left of Old Snowy:
Hiking momma:
We made it to Lost Lake! If we had had more time, we considered going to the old fire look out located above the white dead trees on the mountain above Adam in this picture.:
Instead, we threw rocks in the water (leftie!)
Elliott said, I love Lost Lake!
then we ate sandwiches:
and climbed around on rocks:
Bye, Lost Lake!

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