Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mermade Market April 2014

I just applied for the upcoming December 2014 Mermade Market, and it reminded me I never posted about the April 2014 market. 
Mermade Market is a new small business started by a family friend, Elise Capener, from my hometown. It is a curated market of handmade goods in Dana Point, CA. I heard about the first
market in February right after I had Arlin. Feeling a bit "blah," I thought it would give me the creative boost I needed to get out of winter hibernation/pregnant mode. Plus, how could I miss a handmade market in my hometown and the opportunity to craft with my own mother? I also schemed that this could be the boost my mom needed to work on her "someday dream" of selling her culinary treats. We applied, were accepted, and then scrambled to figure out what exactly we should make. I felt rusty since my last Punk Rock Flea Market and Provo Farmer's Market days were gone. I hadn't made any new patterns for a while plus all my craft supplies were in boxes in a freezing garage. 

Since the sale was the 3 days leading up to Easter, it would be a good idea to have Easter themed goods (not to make a sacred holiday commercial....), so we went from there thinking of little gifts for Easter baskets. In the end, we had a good time emailing, talking on the phone, scheming what we could do and what the other person could make; it's always easier to tell someone else what they are good at and what others may want to buy. 

My mom made her famous marshmallows (vanilla and passion fruit!) and infamous caramels (vanilla and salted). I made linen rabbits; papier mache hollowed eggs from my own ducks and chickens; and small bags (zippered and drawstring) from vintage linens. I also had a random sale section from old stock. True to form, my mom took the extra step to have a polished storefront and created a business name and logo: BLACKWELDER BAKING CO. Brook Reynolds, of Inchmark, was the graphic designer, I love her work - she did our wedding announcements. To display our goods, I remembered my mom had a beautiful pine armoir to contain and display our items in many layers. I love how our booth turned out and we were 3rd highest grossing seller :)

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