Monday, September 15, 2014

Watkin's Glen

Watkin's Glen is a beautiful, dense example of the unique gorges in the Ithaca/Finger Lakes region. There is a short (1.5 mile) trail through the narrow, wet canyon, passing 17 waterfalls. Here is a photo-tour beginning in the parking lot right at the mouth of the canyon:
 But first, let's fuel up on soda to last the 1.5 miles: 
 The trail entrance is a short cave to the right of this bridge:
 It is beautiful the way the water cut through the shale (?)
 Pools and narrow chutes

 A spiral staircase in the rock brings us above the steep wall of the waterfall.
 Lush greenery on every side:

 A little example of the rectangular pools made from the shale splitting in straight lines and 90 degree angles:

 I love all the stone bridges:

 Watkin's Glen could be the scene for a Lord Of The Rings elf kingdom:

 At the end of the canyon is a steep stairway out to the upper parking lot, shuttles to take you to the lower parking lot, and a snack shack.
 On our way back down the glen. A short, pleasant walk.
 Then we met Adam's brother's family at the Watkin's Glen pool, free with your parking pass.
 Cousin Darwin and Aunt Tirzah

 I love catching new glimpses of Arlin's developing face and features. He is still new to me and I am always surprised when he doesn't look like Elliott :)

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