Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ithaca Farmer's Market and GrassRoots

In Ithaca, I like to stop at the Saturday Farmer's Market for the Silk Oak booth and then eat at the food booths (usually really long lines, though).
 We met Adam's parents at the Market for breakfast, then left Elliott with them for the day while Adam and I went to Grassroots Music Festival in Trumansburg, just 20 min away. Grandma and Grandpa played tennis with Elliott and took him swimming. Thank you so much! He had a great time with you both.
 Our first Grassroots!
 Arlin LOVED the music and the crowds,
 Tractor pulled "ride"
Then we ate some pizza
 Sampled the Gator nuggets...they were okay.
 bought some new mushroom paraphernalia:
 Spotted this funky vintage quilt. I have the fabric in the very center (blue, green, white flowers).
 Arlin and Darwin played happily while wearing their ear plugs.
 Next stop: Laotian food
 Laotian sampler platter. I would take another right now.
 Our favorite band was Samite, he is also friend's of Adam's family. Great, peaceful African music.
 And we ended the night with a family Zydeco band; great dance music. Unfortunately, Adam's right arm was suffering from 3 wasp stings from the day before in Shay's forest.

 Notes on camping at Grassroots: You want the "Infield" location, which is actually in Grassroots. Some of the camping offered is off site and you have to take a shuttle between the two places, so try to get infield. Many tent styles. Some are really outdoor patio "rooms" to eat and talk with friends, like this one:
This is a sailboat sail tent:
 Water pool to cool off:
 Special tent for your truck:

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