Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Grill Man

Today was a good day. 
We went to the library and checked out several Little Bear books. It was the first show Elliott ever watched and I think we have seen them time to read them :)
Then we rushed home and our carpenters installed a few more boards for our shiplap hallway. I LOVE how it is looking. Even though I am not installing it, I have put so many hours in already. Each board is at least 2 hours of work, plus all the dry times between coats, so it takes me about a week to get 6 boards since I mainly work at night when kids are asleep and house is clean. blah blah blah. (I haven't kept my blog up to date on our firehouse remodel, which is sad, but I will start now.)
Then, kids napped while I painted, sanded, stained ship lap. We rode bikes outside. The weather is nice and spring-y so Elliott and I grilled veggie burgers for dinner. Adam is working late.
We have a million things to do*...but I'm slowly making progress and I'm happy.

*I need to paint 32 more shiplap boards; scour the nicotine off 3 aluminum windows and paint them before tomorrow. I don't think that will happen, but I'll get started :)

Post Publish update: Adam and I stayed up until 4 am arguing, cursing, moaning, scrubbing, and painting one of the windows. It was somewhat successful...but still not sure if we will re-do it. In an attempt to speed up the process, too much spray paint was added without the proper wait time and a couple sections are goopy. Originally I wanted a black/blue window, frame and sill/casing contrasted with white trim...but we went with a black. It will match the house better since our floors are black and we will have a lot of metal. It is a "hammered metal" black spray paint, so it has texture. Some parts of the window look really good. 

I seem to frequently squeeze 2 or 3 days into one day.

More photos from the day:

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