Sunday, May 4, 2014

current tabs

I have a problem with tabs...meaning, I always have a million tabs open on my internet browser. Right now, I have 19 tabs open, and here is a selection of them:
Typical tabs: Gmail, Gcalendar, Remember the milk lists.
Martha Stewart Cinco de Mayo recipes like enchiladas, tortilla and black bean pie, cilantro rice.
Dottie Angel's flicker photostream.
Day Out with Thomas - just found out about this and thought Elliott would love to ride a real train.
Index of all Thomas & Friends trains. Elliott has no idea this even exists. He is going to devour it tomorrow!
Northwest Railway Museum has a Santa Train!!!!! and they run normal trains every weekend. How did I not know about this?! There is a Mother's Day special next week: Mom's ride free when accompanied by a paying child :)
...and then a purely personal indulgence: Icelandic National Costumes. Nothing about family dinner, or child entertainment...but all about me sewing myself a traditional Icelandic outfit.

It's almost 1 am and I wasted a few good hours of sleep (or painting ship lap) but somehow still feels worth it.

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Ambra said...

I stumbled upon your wish to sew a traditional national Icelandic costume. I'm also in the process. It's pretty involved and I wish you the best.