Thursday, March 20, 2014

California in October II - Irvine Park Railroad

While in California visiting my parents, Uncle Thom had a Cross Country race at Irvine Regional Park. We made a day of the event because there are many fun things to do, like a mini railroad, pumpkin patch, horse rides, and surrey bikes!
 I picked Adam up at the airport that morning and we got to ride a school bus!!!!! into the park because there was a ton of traffic from the race.
 (Adam is wearing his favorite shirt for airport travel...)

 Lion got a turn, too.
Mom and Thom:
Thom and Elliott:
The surrey bikes were my favorite family moment. Picture the six of us crammed in, swapping seats, taking turns pedaling, Adam sweating bullets to get us up the hills, me hanging on for dear life as we careen down them. It was exhilarating exercise and bonding. 
In October, Irvine Park has a pumpkin patch with funny "photo-op" backgrounds. Here are several:
 See my chubby cheeked cat?!?!?!

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Candice Blackwelder said...

hahaha I love the photos from this trip. Eliott is the perfect chubby cheeked babe and mom seriously looks so young in that one photo. I'm glad you're posting more :)