Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year's Snocation!

After Christmas, but before New Year's Eve, we took a 4 day ski trip in our Argosy (aluminum motor home). We woke up the day after Christmas and decided we needed a ski vacation, so we started packing and prepping the RV, but by the time we left, it was 2 am! We arrived at Steven's Pass RV lot at 3:30 am! We then had two full days of skiing and one day of snow shoeing before we drove home. We had planned to go for 5-6 days and ski at two different places (Steven's Pass and Mt. Baker), but our furnace broke, so we cancelled the second location because they had no electricity to run our space heater. 
The RV lot at Steven's Pass was so much fun! I totally recommend it to anyone - it had a friendly, neighborly atmosphere since everyone was on a ski vacation, as opposed to actually living in an RV as their primary home. At night, most of the RVs had Christmas lights on their dash and there were fire pits to roast mallows.
The RV lot is right next to the resort, so you could get to the ski lift in a few minutes walk. Here is Adam, rolling out of bed to get the first runs!
Elliott did not take to the snow very well. It was difficult for him to walk and his clothes weren't warm enough. I will be better prepared next time!
 At night, we ate dinner (duck feast leftovers), roasted marshmallows from my mom's s'mores kit, and watched "Legends of the Fall." I had never seen it before, and it had been many years since Adam had. We loved it! It is our dream movie, hahahah!
 20 feet of home sweet home!

 On our last day, Sunday, we snow shoed up to a lake - nothing too far, Elliott was not "happy and warm."
 It was a beautiful clear day, here it the gorgeous view on our trail.

Then, Adam got the Argosy revved up and we headed home:

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