Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grandma's 80th Lunch Cruise

My Grandma Nancy turned 80 last week! Happy Birthday!
Isn't this a beautiful high school graduation photo? Nancy looks so pretty and the way the portrait was posed and photographed is far more flattering than what I remember in high school.

Elliott and I flew to my parents' house in California for Grandma's party and to spend time with my family.

My mom and her sister, Carol, planned a beautiful surprise lunch cruise around San Diego Harbor with family and friends from my Grandma's life. The day was gorgeous with sunny 70-75 degree weather, the surprise worked, and everyone enjoyed catching up and celebrating Grandma.
 Our group, waiting to board:
 Nancy arrives!
We had three tables reserved for our group on The Hornblower Champagne Brunch Cruise:
Elliott devoured the fruit:
San Diego in our wake:
 Boats are exciting places for toddlers! The safest place was the stairs:
 Candice and her childhood friend/neighbor, Natalie:
 Mom, Candice, Tess, Thom:
 My Mom with her brother, Hap, and sister, Carol:
 Saying goodbye to the birthday Grandma:
 Some of my cousins - Elise, John Paul, Elizabeth:
 We got a ride in a bike taxi!
 After the party, we met with some family friends who also live in San Diego. Nick and Alex grew up on the street next to us and have children about the same age as Elliott. 

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