Friday, February 15, 2013

Guava Paste

While in California, I made guava paste with my mom. We had never made it before (never made anything with guavas, actually), but we had guavas and didn't want to waste their wonderful scent!
 I googled a recipe, but the basic idea is to cook the guavas, strain out the seeds and thick fibers, measure the puree and add an equal amount of sugar, then cook the mixture until thick (about 4 hours!). I actually had to leave for my plane home before it finished cooking, so my mom finished boiling the guava paste and mailed me a big chunk.
This is delicious - I love how it turned out and will certainly make it again. We have been enjoying it with slices of salty cheese.


Brooke Reynolds said...

So good to know.. our nice neighbor always wants to share his guavas with us but we have no idea what to do with them.. the seeds kind of get in the way! We'll have to try this.

Tree Peeps said...

Hi Brooke! Yes, you should try it. It's pretty easy and so delicious. After cooking, my mom poured it into cornstarch lined bread pans. Call her if you have questions :)