Thursday, February 14, 2013

California in January

This trip to California in January has been ideal - wonderful weather, relaxing days, long walks almost every day with my mom. I love visiting my family and I am thankful for this trip.
Breakfast at Grandma's house is Elliott's dream come true: berries!
 We visited my Dad in his new office!
 My parents at dinner at Bear Flag Grill - delicious, one of our family's favorite restaurants.
 Dinner out is always followed by a treat - this time a bakery for macaroons and cupcakes.
 Elliott, the California boy!
 On Saturday, we walked as a family down to the beach a few miles from my parent's house.
 Elliott loves the beach and "Pampa" (Grandpa).
 Elliott and Uncle Thom ("Naan" or "Nom")

 Milkshakes in the sun.
 Candice came in for about 30 hours for Grandma's 80th Bday cruise.
 Grandma's house is the best: sunny, fruit everywhere, no shoes, no jackets, no mud :)
 Berries and green drink!

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Candice Blackwelder said...

Such cute photos! I love you and I had so much fun on that trip :)