Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dad in town

We should move more often!
After my mom's 10 day visit, my dad came into town for 4 days. He wanted to see little Elliott so badly and help with move in projects. It was a whirlwind visit of productivity. We don't have many photos beside our completed projects!
The mailbox:
The built-in bookshelves:
Here is Elliott helping sand and paint:
My dad made this cool old door knob coat and bag station in the kitchen:
I love it!
We really accomplished a lot and have some fun memories such as: Ivar's fish and chips at the airport, Kanishka Indian food buffet, home made chicken curry, staying up late doing projects, renting the miter saw from Home Depot, going to home depot about 4 times each day, adding additional electrical outlets in our bedroom, hanging our new TV on the wall,

Adam on the "scaffolding" with his broken ankle
...many many projects in just 3 1/3 days!
Thanks for coming to our house, Dad!
Beads of sweat on E's nose:

Monday, February 20, 2012


We are taking a break from house projects to recover from Adam's ankle surgery.
Here is Elliott sitting up playing with his toy basket!
I love him! He is growing up so fast!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

RE:Store, Seattle

My mom and I visited a strange, cluttered, treasure of a store in the Ballard area of Seattle.
RE:Store is a reclaimed furnishings and buildings store.
There were aisles of old windows, doors, sinks, vent covers, door knobs, lighting fixtures, etc. salvaged from demolition projects.

We went looking for knobs and hooks to make a funky coat rack/shelf for the kitchen and found much, much more....
Check it out if you need anything :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mom in town

My mom was in town for 10 days to spend time together and help us move was wonderful.
Elliott loved her and we accomplished more than I could have in a whole month.
She was scheduled to be here only 4 days but the night before her flight home we decided to extend her trip!

Here are some photos of our time together:
Grandma tried out the Baby Bjorn carrier to walk to the grocery store
Elliott meets cousin Nico.
Cafe Besalu
Christmas present!!!!!!
Cooking with Grandma
Eating with Grandma
Brazilian Food (Adam served his mission in Sao Paulo in 2003-2005).

Elliott has grown a lot since we moved; he can sit and army crawl! The little man drags his body all over the house! He finally figured it out one night by trying to reach an orange while laying on my fabric cutting mat. The smooth surface facilitated his crawl/drag.
Elliott's last few nights in his bassinet. He out-grew his bed several weeks ago, but continued to sleep in it with his legs hanging up over the edge.
Adam and Elliott
Circus Tricks
Elliott smiles and laughs when he stands on his feet!
Move in babysitter.

...and reclining at the Indian food buffet.
Thanks, Grandma Beth, for the fun times moving in, exploring Seattle, and watching Elliott grow. We miss you!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We moved!

We've been in our new house for 2 weeks, and we love it. It is going to be a great home for us this year.

The first day was a little rough; it's a cold, old house with drafts coming in from every window and door and we had to take brown baths because we didn't have a shower curtain and the pipes were rusty from not being used for 10 years. It felt a lot like camping.
The day after we moved in, I was on the phone with my dad who heard Elliott crying and joked, "Are you crying because you had to take a bath in brown water?"
In the last month, Elliott has grown and learned to sit up on his own, eat foods (yams and applesauce are the favorites)...and... ARMY CRAWL! The little guy drags his body all over the house now!