Friday, February 17, 2012

Mom in town

My mom was in town for 10 days to spend time together and help us move was wonderful.
Elliott loved her and we accomplished more than I could have in a whole month.
She was scheduled to be here only 4 days but the night before her flight home we decided to extend her trip!

Here are some photos of our time together:
Grandma tried out the Baby Bjorn carrier to walk to the grocery store
Elliott meets cousin Nico.
Cafe Besalu
Christmas present!!!!!!
Cooking with Grandma
Eating with Grandma
Brazilian Food (Adam served his mission in Sao Paulo in 2003-2005).

Elliott has grown a lot since we moved; he can sit and army crawl! The little man drags his body all over the house! He finally figured it out one night by trying to reach an orange while laying on my fabric cutting mat. The smooth surface facilitated his crawl/drag.
Elliott's last few nights in his bassinet. He out-grew his bed several weeks ago, but continued to sleep in it with his legs hanging up over the edge.
Adam and Elliott
Circus Tricks
Elliott smiles and laughs when he stands on his feet!
Move in babysitter.

...and reclining at the Indian food buffet.
Thanks, Grandma Beth, for the fun times moving in, exploring Seattle, and watching Elliott grow. We miss you!


tappens said...

I love all of these! Especially the beardo cap! Did someone make that for you! It is hilarious!

Mom said...

We sure had fun. Great recap! Mom.