Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PRFM Holidaze 2012 report

The Holidaze Punk Rock Flea Market was a success!
I almost had a mini freak out when it looked like all the good booth locations were gone...but I found one at the bar, and since I only had food this year, it was a great booth space.
I sold out of everything but the orange marmalade and one pack of orange mallows, which I gave to Adam :)

 This year I had orange marmalade, pomegranate jelly, orange, vanilla and peppermint marshmallows, and chocolate peppermint cookies.
 Andra and her family came to visit!

With my marshmallow money, I scored two red wool coats! One with a big fur collar for me:
 and one with white trim for a little girl - mine, or maybe a niece?
 This dark green wool beauty is from Value Village (my closest Goodwill-type store). It is floor length AND hooded. 'Tis the season for wool coats!!!

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cydney sharp said...

That red coat wasn't you making an announcement, was it? :)