Sunday, December 16, 2012

Elliott's 25 days of Christmas

Elliott needs new toys and he doesn't know what Christmas I decided to give him a new toy every morning in his boots (he LOVES his boots).
I figured there was no need to wait 4 weeks to give him everything on one day because not only would it be toy overload, but it would mean 4 more weeks of him being kinda bored.
The toys are small, cheap things from Value Village (Goodwill) and he loves them.
Day 1- mini hatchet
Day 2- tractor
Day 3- plastic cow
Day 4- dump truck
Day 5-tambourine
Day 6- fire truck
Day 7- plastic bear
Day 8- light up sword
Day 9- plastic axe
Day 10- kids rake
Day 11- plastic horse
Day 12- plastic horse II
Day 13- ? I forgot...
Day 14- scissors
Day 15- ambulance
Day 16- mini piano

1 comment:

Little Lisa said...

What a cute idea! I want toys in my shoes.