Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Upon moving in to this house, I have unpacked many treasures I had squirreled away in storage awaiting the day I'd have more space or more time to enjoy them. Those days have come!
One exciting box I recently unpacked contained all the antique plates I received from my bridal shower. Wasn't that a cute gift idea?: all the guests were asked to bring an antique plate they thought I would like; combined together, I now have a large, eclectic collection!
I enjoyed unpacking each plate and remembering who gave it. Some people had put their name tags from the shower on their plate so I would know who it was from. As I was going through the box, I saw one plate I didn't remember (it has been 3 years!) and then I saw the name tag:
Thanks Briana, I love you and I love your plate. You always had great taste. I miss you and cherish your gift and memory every day.


amy said...

Aw, that one got me. I've been thinking about her all day, so I guess I was due for a cry.

Angela said...

That was a really great gift idea -- I'm envious of all those beautiful plates:) Use them!