Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was incredibly warm and sunny. So hot, in fact, we peeled the plastic off one of our upstairs windows to ventilate - surely a sign of warm days ahead!
We feasted at Adam's sister's and enjoyed the evening with her family.
Elliott is wearing the overalls Adam picked out before Elliott was born - before we knew if it would be a boy or girl!
Good thing we had some warm weather, or he might have outgrown these before he could wear them :)

The kids dyed eggs and they turned out wonderful:

On Saturday, Adam transported 16,000 pounds of wood!
...a lot of these logs are so large/heavy I can barely lift them.


amy said...

It's probably boring that I'm always frantically commenting about how cute Elliott is, but he's SO CUTE!!

And Adam has good taste in baby clothes! And wives :)


Tree Peeps said...

I love that you comment, Amy. It's fun to read your comments! Thanks :)

Nora said...

I LOVE those cutsie overalls!! Wow. And those logs brought back awesome memories of hot roaring fires in NY. :)