Monday, March 19, 2012

Mushroom Party

I turned 27 yesterday!
27 seems like a milestone because when I was in college, all my friends who I thought wereway older than me were about 27. Now, here I am 27 - it feels good. I'm going to like this year.
To celebrate the day, we had a mushroom party at our house. This is my typical way to celebrate my birthday, though I skipped 2011 (can't remember why) and 2009 (busy being engaged with wedding plans and drama - and didn't have any friends in Seattle yet!). The general idea is that it's a food party where everyone brings something made by, of, with, or from some kind of fungi.
moldy cheeses like brie, gorgonzola, or bleu, etc.
yeast leavened bread
Kombucha (tea, fermented with yeast/bacteria colony)
tempeh (mold fermented soy beans)
any dish with actual mushrooms (Porcini polenta, stuffed mushrooms...)
any food made into the shape of a fungus or mushroom (potatoes cut into mushroom shapes, mushroom cake pops, mushroom meringues, etc.)
I always make a rolled "log" cake and decorate it with mushrooms. Each year I do different flavor combos; this year, it was a vanilla bean cake with orange-mascarpone cream filling inside, and whipped chocolate ganache outside. I must say it turned out really well :)
Elliott wore his new wool mushroom pants from GrittyPretty:
I LOVE them :)

I searched through old emails and found my hand drawn invitation to my first mushroom party in 2007:

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Little Lisa said...

2007 was my favorite. I will always remember the espresso and cardamom log cakes; they were so delicious. I also remember feeling a little scandalous that we had espresso in our house. So silly!