Saturday, March 24, 2012

Clearing the Land

Adam and I like to think we are 'homesteaders,' but living in a tiny apartment for 3 years didn't give us a lot of opportunity to show our skills. Now, with our new farmhouse on .25 acres, we have all the opportunities we want.
(Left: Friday, Right: Saturday)
Today we devoted the entire Saturday to "clearing the land." It was a lovely spring day and we were quickly rewarded for our work. Our house is on a large lot in a prime location (sometimes we say this would be our dream home if we could buy it, and sometimes we say otherwise) but it has been vacant for almost 10 years. As you can imagine, a vacant house in a downtown location is a target for bums, vandals, illegal dumping, blackberry madness, etc.
We have dug out many many bags of trash and wreckage. Including this car battery and fluorescent light bulb.
Elliott served lunch: fabulous spring salad with oranges, white beans, lentils and a salmon patty on top.
It was a treat to spend the whole day together - especially working together on a common goal - clear the land! Make way for ducks!

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