Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Aunt Candice

Elliott and I are in Salt Lake City visiting Aunt Candice!

So far, we have attended a fundraiser in Briana's honor to support a midwife going through school. Our friend, Vanessa, planned the event for International Women's Day- if you would like to donate, more info here.
Beside the fundraiser, we also visited Briana's crash site - it has been almost 11 months.
Then we visited friends old and new and played with their babies, had a family pizza party, sweat at Bikram Yoga, soaked in the Ogden hot springs, ate ourselves silly (In-n-Out, SmashBurger, ice cream places, bakeries etc.), and played with Elliott.
Elliott LOVES this vacation. Salt lake is having a warm spell (sunny, dry 60 degrees - feels like Seattle summer!) so E has been in short sleeves, shorts, and no socks for the first time in his life! He has been sweating all day and night. He has seriously never been in weather this warm.
I think Saturday deserves some more photos...First we went to Tulie bakery, then met up with friends to Caravan to the Ogden hot springs.
Elliott was cutting a tooth and very distraught on the drive up. However, he loved the hot springs! He was calm, quiet, and seemed to think everyone bathing outside together was pretty interesting.
Then we drove up the canyon to buy honey from the Trappist monks at the Catholic Monastery...but they had stopped tending bees 6 months ago. We did enjoy the beautiful valley of Eden:

After striking out at the Monastery, we drowned our selves in ice cream at Farr's:
And then...we went to SmashBurger. Yes, it really was quite a fabulous day. Thanks Heather, Erin and Sarah for the minivan road trip!
Elliott likes to ride around in Candice's Jeep because he can see out the big windows and soak up some rays. I know I keep posting about this, but we haven't seen the sun in a long long time. You can't know how exciting it is to be in the sun if you haven't lived in Redmond.
He also got a new "car toy" from GrittyPretty. It's a vintage Fisher Price Activity Center!
...Did you have one growing up? So far, everyone who sees it says, "Oh, my gosh! I had this when I was little!" Elliott adores it and will sit quietly in the car while playing with the buttons/dials/levers.
Baby Elliott met our friend Elliott Ferris: two Elliott's!
Candice showed us her favorite new coffee house, the Rose Establishment:
And I went to The Leo (a science/technology/art museum) with Vanessa and her family.
I drew this funny self portrait using an overhead projector-type reflection box at one of their interactive exhibits:
Check out this cutie - total puppy face! Did you know Elliott's nick-name is Budder Dog!
We had a wonderful visit, Candice!

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