Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yoga meditations

I went to Bikram yoga (hot yoga) tonight and it was wonderful. I am so energized...and it's 12:15 am!
It was my 5th class since I had Elliott (I just started going again about 2 weeks ago) and for some reason, the 5th class is always a turning point. It's been fine since I've been back, but today, it actually felt...delicious.
It was meditative and relaxing to work through all the poses, sweat, and be 'alone.' I know you're not supposed to think of things going on outside the class, but I did. I thought of tons of great things to draw in my sketch book - but alas, I probably will never remember them andrecord them.
I also thought of Elliott (ha!) and how he is in such a cute stage right now. He's 4 months old this week and just adorable. His arms are so soft and squishy; I love squeezing his forearm in my hand. He has grown a lot, filled out, thickened up. He has shoulders now - as opposed to the wrinkly slope connecting neck to arm he was born with. His jaw is more defined and you can fit your fingers under his chin. He loves his "crispy dog" (a stuffed dog with crinkly material inside) and can hold on to it and somewhat bring the crispy ears to his mouth.
When I'm in the kitchen, I put him in the bouncy chair and hand him colorful plastic spoons to keep him occupied. Sometimes I let him lick apple slices or pieces of banana. He LOVES them. He's going to be a big eater (like his parents!). But for now, he still loves his milk. He's a regular milk monster! He is very protective of his milk while he's eating. When I hold him and he wants milk, he now know it comes from my chest and he tries to dive there. So funny!
I remember something I heard in a yoga class a few years ago: the teacher said something about respecting others' yoga time by being quiet because this could be the only hour they have to themselvees. I feel like I have come to understand that concept! I know I only have one baby and will probably think my life was so easy when I think of this in the future, but it is wonderful to get time away from Elliott. When you have a baby, your mind is constantly in two places. I think that's what people are referring to when they say "baby brain" or "nursing brain" - it's that you are thinking about yourself and another person, so you are never fully paying attention to others. Or, if what they say doesn't have to do with what you are taking care of at the put it out of your mind.
Anyway, it's nice to be back exercising.
Here's a cute photo of Elliott helping me sew:
and a recent video:


Megan said...

Go Tess. That Elliott boy sure is cute, I bet he was so much help!

Elisse Newey said...

I love love love bikram yoga. There's something totally mind consuming about the heat and the movements.

Eric and I have seemed to think about you two lately and how amazing and hard core you both are. Just wanted you to know you're being thought of!

Tree Peeps said...

@Megan - yep...very 'helpful' :)

@Elisse - Thanks for the note! We miss you guys, too. I didn't know you were a hot yoga fan!