Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010!!!!!

Since I never got around to posting photos from last Thanksgiving (I can't believe a year has raced by!), we aren't doing much this Thanksgiving, and there are a lot of lovely ones with Briana...may I now present: Thanksgiving 2010!

It started with a few days of Sisterfest at Briana and Candice's house in Salt Lake City.
First off, we walked around Sugarhouse and ate at Omar's Raw Foods
Then we picked up Bri's car at the shop and followed her home:

The next day we also ate at Omar's Raw Foods :)
All 3 of us had bought Living Social Coupons!
Sara came up from Provo to visit
Adam got a sister-in-law backrub
while Bri and I made mac and cheese with Ian's friend Ivy (check out that beautiful black clay baking dish!! Briana always ad the coolest kitchen supplies - actually, the coolest everything.)
It snowed the whole night and we had a 1 am snow fight.
This captures what I love about Bri: up at 1 am baking a complicated treat with organic powdered sugar while wearing a silly hat.
I miss these beautiful Wasatch Front mountains
Here's Adam in front of his Freshman year dorm: Budge Hall
Some YouTube videos and a little sibling preening at Ian's dorm room...
Adam and I ate at the Red Iguana with Zina, Davey, and Pack!!
Whew, that was all pre-Thanksgiving...for real Thanksgiving, we spent the night with family friends, the Hollaways, in Huntsville, north of Salt Lake.
We made delicious food, hiked to a natural outdoor hot spring, ate pie, and then sat in the hot tub! There are even some legendary photos of us (including my mom!) running in the snow in our swimsuits. They're on facebook :)
Then, we played Apples to Apples, massaged each other's backs and had a yoga competition. Nothing like some good ole' family fun!
Here's Adam with the snow blower on the day after Thanksgiving.
A little snow slack-lining

Back at Bri's house, we made gnocci with our cousin Bridgette.
And Briana asked me to help her start knitting some socks (which I recently finished and gave to Thomas)
Serious work!
The holiday lights at Temple Square!
Additionally, I found a street named Tess!!!!!
And saw good friends Vanessa
and Analiesa

*Not many pictures of my parents, but they were there!

**This was also the Thanksgiving when I was secretly pregnant! My family didn't suspect anything, or at least they didn't say so, but Corrie knew! I felt okay, but was tired at night and would get instantly motion sick the moment I sat in a car. I also had a panic attack in Ian's Ford 'Exploder' as we attempted to drive down the steep, snowy, freaky hill of the Avenues to get free bread for Thanksgiving. Absolute terror. We never did make it down the hill.

Oh, I love this Thanksgiving! It was the best. So many memories :)
I guess this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for last Thanksgiving. The one where we were all together being crazy at Briana's house.


candicerose said...

I loved that Thanksgiving too! What great photos. Thanks for putting this together so we could remember. I love you

ani said...

What beautiful memories! I'm so glad I was able to be a part of that Thanksgiving with you. It was such a treat to see these pictures and spend a little time reminiscing. I love you Blackwelder sisters!

Tree Peeps said...

Yeah, great memories with you, Candice and Analiesa!

Rachel. said...

These pictures and post are so sweet and tender. xoxo