Saturday, November 12, 2011

batik skirt

When my friend Annalisa was in town recently, she brought a nice surprise: the batik skirt I started last year in the Virgin Islands!

We ran out of time to finish dyeing and dewaxing before I left, so Annalisa kindly finished that for me (that's the hardest part of batik).
It's always a fun surprise to see the final result of a dye project-especially a batik project-and I love how this turned out!

Some photos of the batik process:
(sew skirt, sketch design in pencil onto fabric, then fill in with wax)
Emerging from the first dyebath:
Adding more wax to increase detail before dyeing again in a darker color
For Summer, this is great with sandals and t-shirts.
For Winter, I'm going to wear this with burgundy or navy tights and colorful sweaters!

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