Friday, October 28, 2011

On Productivity...

I am back from a week trip with my family in California. It was wonderful to be together and visit Briana's grave commemorating 6 months since she died. I will post more details and photos soon. For now, here is a darling one of Elliott and his Uncle Thom:
I feel particularly rejuvenated after this trip. I am ready to renew good, daily habits like waking up early, getting to bed early, reading, exercising, keeping the house clean, and making time for creative hobbies. I guess it takes a trip away from your house to get realistic about how to fix your house.
On the plane home, I drafted a "Potential Daily Schedule."
I have avoided this schedule business because I'm the type of person who would become a hermit -my default personality - if I begin to put the nap and cleaning schedule higher on the priority list than getting out with Adam or seeing friends. However, I feel like some schedule parameters will benefit my productivity so I don't spend hours on end visiting fellow mama friends or looking at things online while "breastfeeding."

I will now carry a sketchbook and notebook at all times so I can keep track not only of things to do, but of project ideas. I'm going to actually draw out projects with detailed descriptions and nice artwork while breastfeeding. I have about 60 projects (yes, that is a realistic number) yet to be started. They are primarily sewing projects: clothes for me, clothes for Elliott, mending clothes for Adam; but there are also many home projects like making a book of our wedding photo (hopefully before our 3rd anniversary).

Well, I best be going; I have things to do and people to see.
So far, I am happy with my efforts from day 1 and 2 of the new me.

(Yesterday, I took a pressure canning class and can now can my own beans and meat! Crazy!)

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