Saturday, October 8, 2011


Two weeks ago, we went to Leavenworth for a camp trip, Octoberfest, 4-wheeling adventure.
We stayed one night in a timeshare (a gift from Adam's aunt - thank you!) and one night camping with Andra and her kids. Unfortunately, I guess I was too busy having fun with them I didn't take any photos from the camping part of the trip :(
Leavenworth is a cute, fake-Bavarian town in the mountains about 2 hours east of Seattle. It is beautiful and close to excellent climbing and hiking/backpacking. Adam and I often think about moving there, but there isn't much for work beside working in restaurants and stores catered toward weekend tourists. In fact, the whole town is kind of a tourist trap in that most if the stores look to inviting and appealing because they are named and decorated to look like a store in a quaint European town, but inside you find typical American tourist junk. It almost feels like you are at Disneyland, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But... we did get tricked into buying a mediocre hotdog and the world's worst pretzel (seriously!) because the storefronts were so 'cute.'
Hahahah, oh, well. It's still a really fun town, and I still wouldn't mind living there!

Adam found a Fla-vor-ice and was happy for the rest of the day.
Here's an example of the cute storefronts all around town. Everything has a hand painted sign, even McDonalds and the 76 gas station.
At the timeshare, we went for an early morning swim in the outdoor pool and spa. It was a beautiful, crisp, mountain morning and Elliott's first swim in a real pool - but I forgot the camera :(
Elliott loved the pool, though! No surprise there, I guess, since he loves baths and showers. You'll have to imagine him content and relaxed with steam rising off his tiny shoulders as he floated about, wrapped in a towel, looking like a Buddah in a pool surrounded by mountains and pine trees.
Here's Elliott pretend-eating a carrot! Now that I finally trimmed his nails, his hands have been out of their mittens and grabbing on to everything.
Elliott loves to breastfeed as much as possible, so I forget that when I ask Adam to 'take a picture of me' I'm usually here we are, doin' what we're always doin' :


tappens said...

feet hands are free at last!

Tree Peeps said...

Yes! No more stinky feet hands :)