Monday, September 19, 2011

camping with Elliott

We are back from a successful, spur-of-the-moment, family camping trip.
We went somewhere (Ingall's Lake) where we had been before. Here's our photos from last year.
Here is a quick run-down of events:
-left around 7 the rain
-Ate about 1/2 pound of Jelly Bellies while delayed in rock blasting traffic at Snoqualmie Pass.
-missed our exit by 25 miles because we were playing a modified version of 2 person D & D :)
-set up tent at midnight
-Elliott peed through his clothes into the sleeping bag on first night.
-Ate fish tacos for breakfast! Delicious!
-Hiked to Ingalls Lake with a beautiful view of Mt. Stuart. (Adam continued further to climb around on Ingalls Peaks)
Here is Elliott laughing during a breastfeeding break in the meadow:
-Elliott's feet pooled with blood from hanging upright in the Baby Bjorn carrier during the hike. It was very sad when we held him sideways to massage his feet to get the blood circulating.He cried - probably from that bad, tingly feeling.
-Made Vietnamese-style noodle salad with beef, vegetables, and lime dressing; definitely one of our best camp meals.
-Made bacon and hash brown potatoes for breakfast before packing up to drive home.
This is our river and wading pool, but it was too cold to swim. I can't believe it's mid-September. The summer disappeared while I was recovering on the couch for 5+ weeks....
We are glad Elliott enjoyed camping. We'll keep him.


magda said...

sooo impressed! I want to try camping with babies when we have them :-) Good that you'll keep Elliott :D

The Allison Family said...

That is awesome! I am glad you had a great time camping. You look amazing Tess! Elliott is so adorable! Love ya!