Monday, August 29, 2011

one month old

(drawing by our nephew, George)

Elliott is one month old!
I can't believe this little man has been in my life that long.
I can tell he's feeling better and better about life on Earth - he's sleeping more, eating well, and now has clearer vision.
He showers with Dad:

I am also feeling better about being a mom. I have figured out what to expect from a normal day, how to get a few things done, and how to relax on the couch for hours on end (it's more difficult than it sounds).
(after picking blackberries with Micah)
Of course I loved Elliott right at first, but now that we have bonded more, I can tell that I feel differently. Every time I look at him, my heart melts. I can't imagine anything more adorable or wonderful. I find myself hoping he's having a good day and feeling happy!
Elliott has huge eyes:
In the baby carrier with Dad!
Sunday afternoon in bed with Dad :)
At the mama's lunch group:

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amy said...

Tess, he is so beautiful!! I'm glad you take lots of pictures- they change so fast-- I took a lot and wish I had even more! I'm impressed that you are getting a few things done- I'm five months in and can't even stay on top of my email! I bet your boy is feeling happy lots of the time :)