Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shrub Warning

About a week ago I heard of shrubs, or drinking vinegars, for the first time and immediately started planning how I would make dozens of interesting drink syrups and have a shrub party in the winter...
Shrubs, popular in Colonial times, are fruit and/or herb flavored vinegars used to flavor drinks (click here for more info)
Some tasty sounding flavor combinations are: blueberry-thyme, ginger, cherry vanilla, basil, anise hyssop, lavender, pineapple-rosemary...

Unfortunately, after making a blueberry shrub, I discovered I don't like shrubs (too vinegary) and I can't imagine how anyone could!

If you want to try making a shrub, it's easy: simmer 2 cups fruit with 2 cups vinegar, let sit 3 days, strain (if necessary) and add 3/4 to 1 cup sugar, simmer until dissolved and slightly reduced. To mix your drink, put a spoonful of shrub in a glass and pour club soda over it.
(recipes and ideas here, here and here)

My new plan is to make a bunch of fruit and herb flavored syrups (skip the vinegar) and have a drink party.

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