Thursday, June 2, 2011

the second trimester in review

(25 weeks or 5 1/2 months pregnant)
The second Trimester was from mid-January to mid-April, but I hadn't gotten around to writing about it before Briana died.
In summary, it was uneventful - I have had a really easy pregnancy.
In detail:
-I continued to get larger everywhere, but finally more on my stomach than my legs.
-I started going to the bathroom more than 2 times a night.
-I tried to go walking every Monday morning with my pregnant friend, Micah. I also walk most mornings about a mile uphill to the bus for work, so that helped keep me in shape.
-I went rock climbing (mostly at the gym since it was the winter) a few times a month. I was able to climb reasonably well at 3 months, but by 5 and 6 months, I switched to easier routes because it was uncomfortable to strain and push myself because my ab muscles were out of commission and I had gotten out of shape in general.
-It became more difficult to get in and out of bed (loss of stomach muscles), so we rearranged our bedroom furniture to facilitate. One thing we haven't done, but sounds nice, is to put a step-stool on my side of the bed :)
-No ankle swelling - a big surprise because I typically have swollen ankles when I'm not pregnant.
-Baby started moving around 18 weeks (end of February). It was very small "bubble" feelings but has grown to full somersaults and twists (or so if feels)!

(23 weeks or 5 months pregnant)

(25 weeks or 5 1/2 months pregnant)

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