Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yesterday, Adam and I went to Leavenworth, Wa - a town just on the other side of the Cascade Mountains. We were hoping to catch dry weather and climb a few routes, but we got rained on a few times.

Yes, I still climb a little...but don't get too excited, because I climb very easy things that aren't vertical. It's amazing how hard it is to climb without ab muscles. Plus, the climbing harness is starting to hurt my stomach.

The day went like this:
I climbed one route called "Baby's Bottom" at an area called "The Playground."
Then we hid from the rain:

Then we drove to "Castle Rock" in another canyon that looked dry but the rain caught up with us.

We decided to stay out in the rain rather than go home early. Adam likes to practice "setting pro" and quiz me about building anchors and removing protection - so we did that for a while. We were right next to several well known and well loved climbs that Adam really wanted to try, but everything was too wet.

Then it looked like the rain was over so we drove back to Icicle Creek to find another certain well known and well loved crack climb called " Old Dog New Tricks." We didn't realize before we started, but it involved a mile of bushwhacking through wet plants and over huge fallen logs - partially through private property - to get to there.
On the way, we stopped at "The Pound" to climb a crack. It turned out to be the only climb Adam got to try the entire day and he said it wasn't very exciting.

***The good news is that while bushwhacking, we found: mushrooms!
Helvella corium!

and a morel!

Joy :)

Other things we accomplished over Memorial Day weekend:
Friday-climbed at Marymore Park
Saturday - went to the Seattle Folklife Festival, Adam decided to spend a few hours getting signatures to support the legalization of marijuana for adults.

and then watched a wonderful, beautiful animated film called "The Secret of Kells." (Both Adam and I totally recommend it - the art is beautiful and the story is universal).
Sunday - went to church and watched "Ponyo," a Japanese Anime that we thought we would love, but didn't. It was okay, but when it was over, the movie seemed a little pointless.
Monday - Leavenworth

It was a good weekend together, we can't wait for Adam's paternity leave!

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Little Lisa said...

Ponyo! I actually really liked Ponyo. I agree, it was anti-climatic and lacked a point, but little Ponyo was so cute, and I love how happy she is. And I like her little theme song.

I wish we lived in WA state. Houston has NO interesting flora or fauna. But I have seen a wild mushroom, just once!