Monday, March 7, 2011

Iceland Revival

I got my suitcase filled with Iceland memorabilia down from the attic and I'm having an Iceland revival. Since I didn't have this blog when I went to Iceland in 2005, I think I'll share a few posts now on it's history and things to see, do and learn about in Iceland.
This revival was initiated by an announcement in church that our Kirkland Stake would be having a Family Heritage night in 2 weeks. Anyone with genealogical ties to another country was invited to host a booth displaying photographs, cultural and historical artifacts, the flag, traditional music, food samples, etc. to teach others about their family heritage.
I signed up right away for a booth on Iceland because even though my family moved from there 4 generations back and no one speaks Icelandic anymore, I've had the unique opportunity to study the language, travel to Iceland, research and visit areas where my ancestors lived, and immerse myself in Icelandic culture and history - especially with regards to traditional handicrafts.

Here are some topics I'm going to share:
Literature/the Sagas


amy said...

Cool! I can't wait to read about it and see your pictures! I remember what a cool experience you had in Iceland so I'm looking forward to the trip down your memory lane :)

zlb said...

so cool! I have some friends leaving for Iceland on Friday! They found insanely cheap tickets.

tappens said...

cool! I didn't know you were doing a booth! I'll definitely have to go now.