Thursday, September 23, 2010

Barlow Pass mushrooms

Ah, mushroom season is upon us at last!!!!!
Here are some recent finds from Barlow Pass, Washington (On Mountain Loop Hwy, ~2 hours north of Seattle).
Starting with the cutest: Pseudohydum gelatinosum, a clear, jiggly little fungus with spines instead of gills.

Hygrophoropsis olida, a small, pink, funnel shaped fungus that smells incredibly sweet like SweetTarts or grape soda!

Hygrophoropsis ferruginea (below left) and Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (below right)

Mycena aurantiodisca, center of cap is almost red-orange fading to orange, yellow, and white. Gills are white.

Ganoderma oregonensis, a polypore with a distinct red lacquer/varnish appearance.

Lactarius olympianus, like Lactarius deliciousus group, but with white latex instead of orange lates (see photo)

Hericium abieties, a (delicious) tooth fungus that looks like icicles. It grows from fallen and cut logs. Last year we had a feast of these!

Gomphus floccosus, (below) not as scaly as it can be:

Gomphus kauffmanii, (below) light colored - not orange. Very scaly; long curving scales forming a rosette in the cap depression.

Chalciporus piperatus, will dye orange :)

Nidula candida, bird nest fungi! I never get tired of these!

Pleurocybella porrigens, Angel Wings:

Clitocybe connata, likes disturbed sites like roads, trails, ski slopes:

Pholiota flammans, will give a yellow dye!

Boletus zelleri, will give a yellow dye, I tried it last year.


Rozites, or Cortinarius caperatus, an edible Cortinarius:

Stropharia hornemannii:

Craterellus tubaeformis, and edible chanterelle-like mushrooms with wrinkles instead of gills.

Whew, that's all of them.
I like to keep species lists from collecting trips. It helps me memorize the fungi and remember what I can expect to find at a certain location and time of year.

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(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Wow-wee Tess! I love that this area was called Barlow Pass. I was thinking about you this week when we saw some fungi popping up in the grass!